AI for Robotics Lab (AIR-Lab)

The AI for Robotics Lab (AIR-Lab) at Tilburg University focuses on recent advances in AI for robotics to endow robots with advanced cognitive capabilities and state-of-the-art performance. The lab is organized along two main areas:

  • CoDeRs (PI Murat Kirtay)- Cognitive Developmental Robotics (CoDeRs) approach integrates insights from various fields –including machine learning, interaction design, computational neuroscience, cognitive/developmental psychology, etc.– to conduct interdisciplinary research in robotics and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to develop computational models for embodied robots, both physical and virtual, that can interact with humans and other robots. As part of the CoDeRs team, we are also involved in the RoboCup Standard Platform as Tilburg-CoDeRs. In this research line, our ultimate aim is to help create human-robot symbiotic societies in an ethically responsible way.

  • DL4Robotics (PI Giacomo Spigler) - The DL4Robotics line focuses on incorporating the latest advances in deep learning into robotics. We are particularly interested in the development of fully end-to-end robot learning methods based on deep reinforcement learning, imitation learning, and self-supervised learning. Our applications span a variety of domains, including human-robot interaction, together with CoDeRs, and dexterous manipulation, for which we use the in-lab developed Tilburg robot hand.


Lab Coordinators

Dr. Murat Kirtay

Dr. Giacomo Spigler
Visiting Researchers

Nicole van Geel
(University of Klagenfurt)
PhD and MSc Students

Bosong Ding


Dec 21, 2023 We are organizing a workshop at IEEE ICRA 2024.
Oct 16, 2023 Our paper has been nominated for the best paper award at IEEE ICDL.
Mar 29, 2023 We have been awarded access to Snellius, the Dutch supercomputer, to work on deep reinforcement learning and policy distillation.
Mar 27, 2023 AIR-Lab is set up at the new MindLabs building!